Diagnostic Pack


This is my “Diagnostic Pack”. I have always had a fairly average eye for movement and often, I don’t have the luxury of walking a horse for assessment. I do, however have an excellent feel for pain. I created a method for diagnosing soreness and understanding it’s origin. I termed these points of discomfort, “Reaction Points”. I created a series of videos on You Tube to help owners, riders and therapists diagnose muscular back soreness. Based on 11 points that I discovered, I began to receive requests for a pack or workbook to help assess and pinpoint these areas. I use this method to successfully assess back issues, which allows me to treat over 60 horses per week in my practice. Understanding them is important for several reasons. Firstly for owners and riders, it allows you to understand if and where your horse is sore. Understanding where the soreness comes from allows you help your own horses with massage or hand held units such as ultra sound. If using a professional Therapist, it empowers you to be able to determine the success of the therapist used. Knowing weather your horse is being helped or not, allows for an educated decision on a professional. Secondly I, like many other therapists are taught to diagnose a moving horse. I find due to anatomical and conformational differences assessing this way can become confusing. I also have seen many anatomically challenged horses, which are completely pain free and compete perfectly well.

This is a pack to help understand back soreness; it’s a guide on to how I assess horse soreness and an indication of the muscles I treat for these issues, made simple. This pack comes with a CD of the 7 short You Tube videos, an anatomical poster and a work booklet helping diagnose and understand my reaction points. So, for slightly more than a price of one treatment, this is a guide to understanding superficial back soreness. It is written simply so everyone can get the most out of it. And really, they are 11 points that are easy to find but make a great difference when understood and properly treated.   Naturally see a vet if pain persists.

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