Equine Soft Tissue Therapist


Christian Langeder from thoroughperformance.com is an Equine Soft Tissue Therapist specialising in the muscular care of performance horses. His work with animals began in 1999.

He works with horses in all manner of sport including Racing, Eventing, Dressage and Polo. Some of the horses he treats include Cranbourne cup winners Blue Collar Jack and Boom N Zoom, 2011 Perth Cup winner Guestwing, 2010 Mumm Stakes winner Status symbol. In Dressage, Cipriani, Mayfly, Avignon IV, AEA Metallic, Ritual and Kennedy WE are among some of the horses in his care.

A pioneer, published author & Key Note speaker for the Bowen Therapist Federation Annual conference, his methods are based on all Australian modalities and he's an expert in the nature of Nerve, Fascia and Muscle. His perspective on how the body works allows him to rectify muscular soreness and restriction in a very unique way, soreness just seems to disappear.

Horse performance is an exciting part of Christian's profession. He considers these horses to be athletes and much like AFL players, they need to be physically maintained if they are expected to perform at their best. From preparation, competing, recovery to being spelled, the whole campaign benefits from maintaining each horse as an athlete.
In 2012 Christian created an anatomy chart and filmed a series of videos . The films were designed to teach owners, riders and trainers how to diagnose what he termed "Reaction Points" ™ of equine back soreness and the surprising effects soft tissue therapies can have on sore animals.




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